Menu items

You can create three menu types:

  • CRUD menu: editable table with fields and generated files for model, view, controller, request etc. Read in much more detail in its separate section.
  • Non-CRUD menu: for text pages like "About us" or "Help", system would generate controller and empty index.blade.php view, and then you would fill in any text after download.
  • Parent menu: it is just a top level menu with only purpose to store other menu items in levels below. Parent menu item doesn't have any CRUD functionality.

You can rearrange the order of menu items at any time, just go to Menus and drag-drop menus you want to change. You can also edit and delete menu items, except cases where they have relationships with other menus and then cannot be changed.

Now, let's move on to the most important part - CRUD menu items builder.

CRUD menu item stands for "Create / Read / Update / Delete". It generates all necessary code files and uses for showing the list of entries.

Creating a CRUD consists of three sections: main settings, fields/relationships and roles/permissions.

Creating CRUD Menu

In next section, let's take a look closer at each of them.