How to handle multi-language projects?

Our system offers multi-language support out-of-the-box. You can choose all the languages you want when creating the panel, and later change them in Adminpanel settings.

Laravel language choice

Translations for all languages are performed by the community, any customer can go to Manage translations and edit their own language(s), we don't guarantee the correct translations.

As a result, your panel will be downloaded with the right resources/lang files generated. If you want to have a switcher between language, there's a module called Language switcher - here's a video demo.

Finally, if you want to have your Models translated with forms in several languages, QuickAdminPanel doesn't support that out-of-the-box. But we've written a detailed article/instruction how to easily install Laravel Translatable package for that.

How to change front-end theme

QuickAdminPanel generates code with included design theme called AdminLTE 2. It is based on Bootstrap 3 version.

As it currently stands in July 2018 (may change in the future), there is no way to change the theme in generator. But we are working on new generator version which will allow you to do that. With that, we will also update default theme to AdminLTE 3 based on Bootstrap 4.

Finally, you can change your theme to any other theme, we have an example instruction article for that: Changing QuickAdminPanel theme: from AdminLTE to Gentelella

Vue.js Generator Version

In early 2018, we've launched a special version of generator that generates Vue.js + Laravel adminpanel:

It has totally different codebase, generates totally different code, where Laravel stands only as API layer, and most of the code logic is ported to Vue.js front-end.

That version has less functionality than "original" QuickAdminPanel, but has much lower price. For current customers we give discounts for Vue version, so get in touch via live-chat or email