By clicking Download adminpanel on our website, you receive a full generated Laravel project as a tar.gz archive.

Download overview

You install it locally (or on your remote server) as a typical Laravel project:

  1. Extract the archive and put it in the folder you want

  2. Prepare your .env file there with database connection and other settings

  3. Run composer install command

  4. Run php artisan migrate --seed command. Seeds are important, because they will create the first admin user for you.

  5. Run php artisan key:generate command.

And that's it, go to your domain and login:

  • Email:
  • Password: password


We are trying to provide the workflow as close as possible to Laravel official standards. But we can't be held responsible for your hosting environments and how the project would work on your server.

Typical issues could be:

  • You use shared-hosting environment and don't have SSH access
  • You misconfigured your /public folder
  • You misconfigured your nginx/Apache/XAMPP/[whatever] environment
  • You use php artisan serve for production instead of a full server
  • You didn't configure your storage folders to be writeable
  • Your PHP version is too old - check official Laravel server requirements
  • You're using different database system than Laravel supports out-of-the-box - here's the list

We also don't provide support for teaching how Laravel works or how to configure servers, you should refer to official Laravel documentation or tutorials online. We assume that our customers have enough knowledge to launch and understand a typical Laravel project structure.